Here’s the Concept:

Once you’ve found the right property and negotiated the terms of the sales contract, there remain a number of important tasks to be done to manage and close the transaction – such as property inspections, condominium documents and association approvals, mortgage financing, title issues, and finally the closing itself. While the buyer’s Realtor will help with these tasks, most of these tasks lie outside the realm of the Realtor’s licensure and expertise. Buyers need guidance, consultation and timely coordination in each of these critical transaction steps by a professional with experience, appropriate licensure and responsibility for liability in all these tasks – what we call Transaction Management.

That’s where we come in. Under the aegis of real estate attorney Raymond J. Bowie, we represent the buyer and work directly with the buyer in coordinating all transaction tasks, including:

  • legal representation & consultation
  • advising on mortgage alternatives
  • tracking critical contract deadlines
  • tax and estate planning consultation
  • reviewing property inspections
  • searching title, curing title problems
  • analyzing association documents & budgets
  • performing the closing & title insurance

Important Note: Transaction Management is limited to residential property purchase transactions. Benefits of Transaction Management are available only under contracts in which the buyer has the right to choose the closing agent for issuance of title insurance.

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